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The Puryfying Ampoule

The Puryfying Ampoule

CAD $64.00

Perfect to combat blemishes such as pimples and comedones as well as enlarged pores and a pallid, grayish complexion due to very oily skin.


Control & moisture

When the skin’s microflora is out of balance, this can allow pimples, blemishes and irritation to develop. Skin that is very oily often has a grayish, pallid appearance. The Purifying Ampoule restores the skin’s proper balance – the requirement for clear, pure skin and a fresh, radiant complexion. Perfume-free.


Skin Care Needs:

Anti-pimple, Even texture, Mattifying, Regulating, Pore refining



Skin remains matte for longer.

Refines the pores.

Helps prevent sebum buildup.

Firms the connective tissue.

Balancing the skin flora.

Helps prevent the formation of pimples and comedones.






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Shake ampoule and break open at the ring area using the ampoule opener (included) or a tissue. Apply the entire contents to face, neck and décolleté and work into the skin. For external use only!

Additional information

ml / oz

7x 2 ml / 7x 0.47 fl. oz., 24x 2 ml / 24x 0.47 fl. oz.


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