About Us

About Us

Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions

Is a leading European Skin care line from Germany with solutions for every skin condition. Dr. Spiller uses high quality botanical extracts and natural ingredients combined with modern biological actives such as Collagen peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Omega fatty acids, Anti-oxidants, Marine actives, Oxygen carriers to promote healthy and resilient skin.

Our philosophy is simple: to hydrate, protect and support the natural function of the skin by providing ingredients that are biomimetic. This means that the products are designed to mimic the natural processes occurring on the surface of the skin, not fight against the skin. As a result, products work with the skin to provide the skin with superior protection to the skin’s own barrier system, the hydro lipidic film.

Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions’ professional skin care line has been specifically designed to promote naturally healthy and resilient skin. Handcrafted since 1959, Dr. Spiller’s laboratory nestled in the Bavarian Alps, strictly uses controlled plants, plant extracts, natural oils and essences from all over the world, to formulate skincare products that complement the skin’s own system, completely free of parabens and fragrances. Dr. Spiller offers six complete product lines and a wide range of products to effectively treat every skin type and condition. The products are based on the scientific understanding that the skin, the largest organ, requires an environment that is balancing and supportive with effective and proven active ingredients derived from nature. The products create the right environment so that they function optimally on the surface of the skin addressing almost every skin condition or concern. Dr. Spiller’s difference is the unique emulsion created to allow the skin to breathe while simultaneously ensuring the penetration of key active ingredients to protect the skin.

HYTEC® Emulsion System

Dr. Spiller’s exclusive patented “HYTEC® Emulsion System” water in oil formulation prevents trans-epidermal water loss, one of the major factors in skin aging. This Biomimetic emulsion system mimics the skin’s own systems, creating a harmonized ecosystem to protect and regenerate itself while assisting the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. This environment is highly effective to care for the skin while minimizing the potential for allergic reactions or skin irritation. Dr. Spiller products are biological, hypoallergenic and particularly suitable for allergy-prone and sensitive skin.

Wellness Concept Treatments

Dr. Spiller offers an extensive range of highly effective European-style face & body treatments targeting every skin concern or condition. Professional spa concept treatments range from basic to luxurious, from healing to anti-aging with a large selection of facials and specialized facials using collagen infused fleece masks, Biocellulose fleece, rubberized masks and more. Additionally, neck and décolletage treatments, specialized body treatments using marine minerals, salts, mud and body mask complete the offerings. Experienced professional skin care therapist will have the tools for effective application of treatment plan to support the most important element of our philosophy: to achieve optimal results with the highest feeling of well-being.

Our Products

Under the Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions name, exist Six major lines.

Biomimetic Skin Care

Classic Biomimetic line meets the needs of all skin conditions and concerns from sensitive, dry to mature and prematurely ageing skin. Sensitive and couperose skin is supported with Azulen line, Sensitive Beauty car line, as well as more targeted products found in Anti Couperose line. Dry and Dehydrated skin responds well to the Green Tea line called Sanvita, Fresh & Fruit line and Collagen line. Ageing and pre-maturely ageing skin responds positively to Oxygen Q10 line and Silk Complex line. Oily, congested and acne skin is controlled with ingredients such as propolis, royal Jelly and salicylic acid found in moisturizers, serums, ampoules and masks. Skin with pigmentation caused by post acne hyperpigmentation, sun damage and hormonal issues are addressed with the De Pigmentor line.


Biocosmetic COSMOS Certified Organic

Alpenrausch products meets the strict BDIH regulation, a prerequisite for the COSMOS ORGANIC standard and is the first European-wide recognized certification association that regulates an international framework for Certified Organic. COSMOS-standard guaranties that the manufacturing company uses ingredients that consist of minimum 95% plant raw materials of organic quality, as a result, the consumer can be assured that using Alpenrausch promises high-quality, protective and result-orientated products for any skin type. Especially beneficial for sensitive and compromised skin.


This exclusive anti-aging skin care line features the advanced CELLebration compound with active substances gained from Caviar, Champagne and Diamond dust powder. Caviar provides the skin with vital amino acids and nutrients to regenerate, repair and revitalize the skin. Champagne tones and energizes the skin, reduces redness and irritations as a powerful anti-oxidant. Diamond dust provides flawless complexion giving the skin a “soft focus” effect. These valuable ingredients combined with other very effective peptide biological actives and herbal extracts give the skin lasting firmness and smoothing effect.


Manage Your Skin® Men’s Line

Award Winning range of products especially developed to meet the unique needs of male skin. Each product contains the proprietary GLYCAMON® Compound. This patented formula combines three Phyto-actives of highest purity. Elixir from Nopal Cactus, Glycyrrhizin from Liquorice Root and peptides from Einkorn optimize the skin with synergistic effectiveness. GLYCAMON® Compound is a concentrated anti-aging cocktail, designed to reduce irritation and supply the skin with lasting hydration at the same time.


SENSICURA products are based on an active ingredient combination that offers soothing extract of magnolia bark to alleviate irritation and desensitizes the skin. With vitamin F complex, the regeneration of the damaged lipid barrier is strengthened. The biological processes function smoothly and moisture levels are re-established. Supplemented with Allantoin and Panthenol, the regeneration of the skin is accelerated. SENSICURA has an immediately restorative and enduringly stabilizing effect and is completely free from Paraben, silicone, oils and perfume.

CELLTRESOR anti-aging with Stem Cell Technology

CELLTRESOR line focuses on mature skin and the effects of aging both extrinsically and intrinsically with products that reach the dermis. With plant Stem Cells and small molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid, each of the three CELLTRESOR serums focuses on an individual treatment effect tailored to the specific needs of skin. Intense Rebuilding Cream is the foundation of optimally targeted skin care. CELLTRESOR line safeguards the skin’s beauty with an in-depth, multi-dimensional effect for rejuvenate the skin a little more every day.

The Dr. Spiller Difference

Unique patented HY-TEC emulsion system

Exquisite active ingredientes from nature

Emulate nature's own blueprint

Biological and hypo-allergenic

Promotes naturally healthy skin

Precisely regulates moisturization

Effective anti-aging results

Treats all skin types and conditions

Preserves smoothness and suppleness

Cosmos certified organic line

Revitalizes and balances the skin

Improves resiliency and elasticity

HYTEC Emulsion System

As a nourishing base in our Dr. Spiller emulsions, the innovative HYTEC Emulsion System has a lasting stabilizing and restructuring effect on the skin’s hydro-lipid film.

Petals Biocosmetics Inc. Is the exclusive distributor for the Dr Spiller Pure Skin Care product line in Canada and the USA.