Hamamelis Astringent



Item No. 103112

A revitalizing toner to stimulate blood circulation and refine pores.  This toner supports the natural acid protection layer of the skin.

Lipids: 0%| Base: Water Base | pH: 3.8– 4.0

Packaging:  Retail: 200 ml| Cabin: 500 ml| Cabin: 1000 ml

Skin Type: For oily combination skin, enlarged pores as well as impure skin prone to acne. Not to be used on very sensitive and dry skin.

Product Description

After cleansing, saturate a cotton pad with toner and apply to face, neck and décolleté. Follow with appropriate moisturizer or serum. Can also dilute the toner by saturating cotton pad with water and applying few drops of Hamamelis Astringent.

A revitalizing facial toner that stimulates blood circulation and refines the pore size.  Witch Hazel is effective in protecting the skin against free radicals. The skin’s pH levels are balanced and the skin’s natural protective layer is supported.  Skin will be toned, soothed and irritations reduced.


  • Called Witch Hazel: blooms only in late autumn when leaves have fallen
  • Effective against free radicals – UVB absorber
  • Healing, soothing, anti-itching properties, astringent
  • Distillate of the medicinal plant Hamamelis Virginiana which mainly grows in North America

Lactic Acid:

  • Important factor for moisture content in the body
  • Is found in blood and muscle tissue as a product of the metabolism of Glucose and Glycogen
  • An Alpha Hydroxy Acid occurring in Sour Milk
  • Increases the water-retaining capacity of the corneum layer