Vitamin C Line

Vitamin C Line

Power for the skin - healthy & strengthened.

For strengthened and vital skin

The Vitamin C-Plus care line is a real power package for skin in need of regeneration. It brings back the skin’s own resilience, revitalizes it deeply and significantly improves its elasticity. Activated protection of the cell membrane and simultaneous stimulation of collagen formation effectively prevent premature skin aging.

Vitamin C-Plus Professional Treatment

Gives new energy and radiance! After the activating and protective treatment, the skin looks immediately bright, revitalized and strengthened. The interplay between the stimulating, cool rubberized mask and the warm, massaging hands stimulates the skin functions and gives moments of freshness and relaxation.

Energizing ingredients give exhausted, demanding skin new energy and vitality. Tired skin gains new radiance and a youthful, fresh appearance.

• Vitamin C: the highly effective antioxidant promotes collagen formation, strengthens the skin’s own defense functions and offers extensive cell protection. The skin is able to better shield against harmful environmental influences and thus counteract premature skin aging on its own.


• Vitamin E: the “anti-aging vitamin” effectively repels free radicals. The cells are protected against oxidative stress and skin regeneration is optimized – for a youthful, glowing complexion.


• Aloe vera leaf juice: Rich in essential nutrients, natural skin functions are supported and aging processes slowed down. A balanced synthesis of collagen and elastin also maintains the strength of the connective tissue.


• Hyaluronic acid: one of the most intense moisture binders stores valuable moisture in the upper layers of the skin to prevent loss of moisture. Wrinkles caused by dryness are visibly smoothed and the skin is padded from the inside out.


• Nourishing oils: relaxed and delicately cared for skin thanks to jojoba oil, improved skin protection thanks to avocado oil and new resistance with evening primrose oil – valuable plant substances that give suppleness and well-being.


HYTEC Emulsion System

As a nourishing base in our Dr. Spiller emulsions, the innovative HYTEC Emulsion System has a lasting stabilizing and restructuring effect on the skin’s hydro-lipid film.

Petals Biocosmetics Inc. Is the exclusive distributor for the Dr Spiller Pure Skin Care product line in Canada and the USA.