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The Hyaluronic Ampoule (Hydration)

The Hyaluronic Ampoule (Hydration)

CAD $68.00

The perfect choice to counteract taut skin and dryness wrinkles as well as to replenish the skin’s moisture reserves at any time.

Skin is generally prone to losing moisture – in summer through perspiration and air conditioning, in winter through cold outdoor temperatures and dry indoor air. With reduced moisture levels, cell and skin processes slow down. Without added support, the skin is unable to create sufficient moisture.


Skin Care Needs:

Anti-aging, Moisture, Firming & Lifting, Vitalizing & Activating.



Binds moisture.

Enhances the skin’s hydration level.

Boosts the skin’s functions.

Activates cell potential.

Firms the structure of the connective tissue/tones the skin.




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Shake ampoule and break open at the ring area using the ampoule opener (included) or a tissue. Apply the entire contents to face, neck and décolleté and work into the skin. For external use only!

Additional information

ml /oz

7x 2 ml / 7x 0.47 fl. oz., 24x 2 ml / 24x 0.47 fl. oz.


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