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The Calming Ampoule

The Calming Ampoule

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First aid for inflammation, irritation and redness. Ideal for sensitive skin and as a special treat for the skin.


First aid for irritated skin

Irritated skin, redness and a burning sensation are unpleasant symptoms that can be traced to different causes. Environmental stress, fluctuating temperatures, but also the wrong choice of skincare or internal causes can lead to this type of irritation. Stress also expresses itself through the skin. To alleviate acute irritation, the chain of inflammation must be stopped. Only then can irritation fade. The Calming Ampoule calms the skin and protects against new irritation so that skin can regenerate and stabilize. Perfume-free.


Skin Care Needs:

Calming, Irritation & redness, Regenerating, Cell protection



Quick soothing effect.

Instant relief from irritation and redness.

Increases the skin’s sensitivity threshold.

Improves the skin’s well-being.

Allows the skin to tolerate stress and manage daily functions more easily.






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Shake ampoule and break open at the ring area using the ampoule opener (included) or a tissue. Apply the entire contents to face, neck and décolleté and work into the skin. For external use only!

Additional information

ml / oz

7x 2 ml / 7x 0.47 fl. oz., 24x 2 ml / 24x 0.47 fl. oz.


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