Herbal Mask With Aloe

Herbal Mask With Aloe

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Blemish-prone skin suffers from a multitude of unwelcome skin conditions. It has large pores, quickly becomes shiny and the blemishes can be inflamed and painful. The mask speeds acne healing and helps prevent new blemishes from developing. It reduces inflammation and skin is slower to become oily, since Herbal Mask with Aloe has an overall sebum-regulating effect. The skin flora regains its balance and skin is clarified. Aloe Vera further soothes skin aggravated by blemishes.


Skin concerns

Blemish-prone, oily skin.



Sebum is regulated and skin is less oily.

Inflammations are reduced.

Blemishes are healed quickly and rate of new blemishes are reduced.



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Since this mask dries on the skin, use moistened fingers to emulsify it first.

Herbal Mask with Aloe is the perfect addition to Propolis Vitamin A Ampoule, Propolis Day Cream, Propolis Night Cream.

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ml / oz

50 ml / 1.7 oz, 200 ml / 6.8 oz


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