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Clarifying Body Peel

Clarifying Body Peel

CAD $56.00

Cleanses and invigorates the skin while providing in-depth protection. Fine peeling granules made of pure Rock Salt provide valuable trace elements and key minerals. Combined with Linseed and Sunflower Oil, they nourish the skin to soft perfection and deeply hydrate the skin. Wheat Germ Extracts provide a strong barrier against free radicals due to the high Vitamin E content.


Skin concerns

All skin types.



Gently removes dead skin cells.
Enhances suppleness.
Nourishes the skin.


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Apply once a week or whenever the skin looks dull or tired. Apply to moist skin and massage in with fingertips using circular movements. Shower off with plenty of lukewarm water.

Additional information

ml / oz

250 ml / 8.5 fl. oz., 1000 ml / 33.8 fl. oz.


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