Aloe Vera Jelly

Aloe Vera Jelly

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A concentrated gel provides the skin with moisture.  Vitabeads are microscopically distributed blue spheres that transport vitamins A and E. They allow the gel to be optimally enriched with these fat-soluble vitamins that are released upon application and dispensed into the skin.


Skin concerns

Young, normal, and pre-maturely ageing skin that is stressed, dry skin.



Helps maintain the skin’s youthfulness by buffering the negative impact of lifestyle and environment damage.

Maintains the skin’s youthful radiance meets all the skin-care needs of younger and normal skin types.

Aloe Vera stores moisture for extended periods of time.



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Apply Aloe Vera Jelly to face, neck and décolleté morning and evening after cleansing. Follow with Aloe Day Cream or Aloe Night Cream.

Additional information

ml / oz

50ml / 1.7 oz


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