Oxygen Vital Line

Oxygen Vital Line

Noticeably invigorating, visibly soothing.


Oxygen Vital line is highly effective anti-ageing line that that revitalizes fatigued skin cells and fuels them for enhanced performance. Medical grade oxygen carrier boosts sluggish skin to reduce tired-looking appearance and improve circulation for a fresh and rosy glow. Calming compounds protect the skin, regulate the moisture balance and reduce irritations. The line contains a range of serums, moisturizers and mask for both professional use and home care.

Oxygen Vital Professional Treatment

Feel the invigorating power of oxygen for youthful and relaxed skin. With both an anti-aging and an anti-stress effect, it helps skin attain pure harmony and healthy elasticity. Tired, dull skin gains new energy and glow bringing back into balance by soothing active ingredients. Let your skin take a deep, relaxed breath of relief!
A powerful combination of energizing active ingredients that boost cell activity and calming active ingredients that soothe irritation and restore balance to stressed, demanding skin:

• Oxygen Carrier: Perfluorodecalin enhances the skin’s oxygen content to boost performance. A heightened infusion of oxygen invigorates tired, stressed skin while also achieving a visible anti-aging effect.

• Calmify Compound: 3 phases of plant power with Balloon Plant, Feverfew and Sunflower Seed Oil combat inflammation and quickly soothe irritation. Omega 3 fatty acids stabilize the skin barrier, boosting the skin’s defenses, while antioxidant properties counteract premature skin aging.

• Vitamin E: The anti-aging vitamin actively fends off free radicals, protects cells from negative changes and supports skin regeneration. In addition, the strong antioxidant enhances the skin’s ability to bind moisture for a youthfully fresh complexion.

• Sunflower Seed Oil: The lipid-boosting effect of the oil deeply nourishes the skin and preserves moisture. The complexion appears wonderfully smooth, supple and soft.


HYTEC Emulsion System

As a nourishing base in our Dr. Spiller emulsions, the innovative HYTEC Emulsion System has a lasting stabilizing and restructuring effect on the skin’s hydro-lipid film.

Petals Biocosmetics Inc. Is the exclusive distributor for the Dr Spiller Pure Skin Care product line in Canada and the USA.