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HYTEC® Emulsion System

THE DR. Spiller Difference

Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solution’s organic line, ALPENRAUSCH, meets the strict BDIH regulations, a prerequisite for the COSMOS ORGANIC standard.

HYTEC®  Emulsion System 

Dr. Spiller’s difference is the unique emulsion created to allow the skin to breathe while simultaneously ensuring the penetration of key active ingredients to protect and support the skin. Dr. Spiller’s lab developed a unique system that serves as a basis for all emulsions in the products. They are modeled on the skin’s natural hydrolipid film and therefore able to perfectly recreate its structure. Skin care products by Dr. Spiller immediately make up any deficiencies and restore the precise balance of natural skin functions. Called the HYTEC® Emulsion System, it regulates the skin’s moisture balance, optimize the absorption of active ingredients and transportation of nutrients and oxygen. Dr. Spiller products are biological, hypoallergenic and particularly suitable for allergy-prone and sensitive skin.

What does HYTEC®  stand for?

HY = HYdro  and TEC = TEChnology

What makes the HYTEC Emulsion System so special?

  • The HYTEC Emulsion System minimizes water loss and stabilizes the skin’s moisture level.
  • This reduces skin dryness, dehydration as well as premature skin aging.
  • In addition, it enhances the bioavailability of active ingredients and allows them to be more efficiently transported.

Dr. Spiller’s exclusive patented HYTEC® Emulsion System water in oil formulation prevents trans-epidermal water loss, one of the major factors in skin aging. This Biomimetic emulsion system mimics the skin’s own systems, creating a harmonized ecosystem to protect and regenerate itself while assisting the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. This environment is highly effective to care for the skin while minimizing the potential for allergic reactions or skin irritation. Our HYTEC® Emulsion System activates the skin’s natural functions to ensure healthy and perfectly balanced skin.

The Dr. Spiller Difference

Unique patented HY-TEC emulsion system

Exquisite active ingredientes from nature

Emulate nature's own blueprint

Biological and hypo-allergenic

Promotes naturally healthy skin

Precisely regulates moisturization

Effective anti-aging results

Treats all skin types and conditions

Preserves smoothness and suppleness

Cosmos certified organic line

Revitalizes and balances the skin

Improves resiliency and elasticity


Petals Biocosmetics Inc. Is the exclusive distributor for the Dr Spiller Pure Skin Care product line in Canada and the USA.