Hydro-Marin® Line

Hydro-Marin® Line

A line of pure ocean energy.

Clarifying hydration with the energy of the sea

The moisturizing impulse of the Hydro-Marin® line activates the skin’s metabolic processes and detoxifies the complexion for enhanced clarity. This is particularly beneficial for moisture-deficient, uneven skin prone to whiteheads and impurities. Deep-acting, hydrating sea algae provides targeted support that activates natural biological functions to enhance cleansing from the inside out. The result is a refreshed, clear and full complexion.

Powerful active ingredients with the power of the sea:

• Sea Algae: Rich in minerals, trace elements and amino acids that improve key skin functions and fortify the immune system. Deep hydration detoxifies the skin and provides effective protection against age-related changes.

• Sea Salt Concentrate: Replenishes the skin’s mineral stores and supports the skin metabolism by helping to optimally process active ingredients and quickly rid the skin of toxins.

• Gorgonian Extracts: Relieves irritation and fortifies the skin barrier. Soothes irritation and restores balance and equilibrium to the skin.

• Caviar: Activates the metabolism, supplies the skin with crucial nutrients and has an instant smoothing effect for enhanced vitality and radiance.

• Pearl Extracts: Improves the skin’s hydration level, restructures and enhances firmness and tone.


HYTEC Emulsion System

As a nourishing base in our Dr. Spiller emulsions, the innovative HYTEC Emulsion System has a lasting stabilizing and restructuring effect on the skin’s hydro-lipid film.

Petals Biocosmetics Inc. Is the exclusive distributor for the Dr Spiller Pure Skin Care product line in Canada and the USA.