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COLLAGEN…why our skin needs it?

Is your skin showing signs of lost elasticity? It’s never too late to start using skin care products that will maintain and promote great skin health and well-being.


How does using products with collagen help the skin?

The loss of moisture and firmness in the skin begins long before this becomes clearly visible. Starting in our mid-20s, the moisture stores in our skin begin to deplete. UV radiation in particular causes the formation of aggressive free radicals, which are responsible for the depletion of the skin’s collagen. The fiber network loses fullness, the moisture content is reduced, and the skin becomes less and less firm. This loss of moisture and firmness is increased by the effects of UV radiation and often referred to sun-damage. Therefore, our skin requires targeted skin care from an early age in order to counteract the deficit before it begins to deplete the skin.

Effects of Collagen in the skin

Basically, collagen halts the premature loss of firmness and moisture. To a great degree, the skin’s firmness depends on the quality and the quantity of collagen in the skin. Marine Collagen contained in Dr. Spiller skin care products supports and fortifies the natural collagen fiber network, enhances the skin’s ability to bind moisture and helps retain its firmness. Collagen also calms irritated skin.

  • Collagen is the basic building block to retaining youthful firmness.
  • It efficiently counteracts the natural loss of firmness and tone.
  • Retains the skin’s natural moisture content and off- sets any moisture deficits

Dr. Spiller products with Collagen

Collagen Aqua Plus– Nourishing and hydrating semi-liquid emulsion that is perfect as a serum or as a standalone light-weight moisturizer, and great underneath makeup as a primer.  Because of its light-weight consistency, its perfect in warmer season such as Spring or Summer time.

Hydro Collagen Cream– Wonderfully light moisturizer containing Collagen that is embedded in Grapeseed Oil to primarily counteract premature skin aging caused by oxidative stress. If skin is particularly dry and dehydrated, apply Collagen Aqua Plus first, as a serum, followed by Hydro Collagen Cream in the morning.

Collagen Cream– Superbly rich night-time care cream with high concentration of collagen to plump and hydrate the skin.  Contains Azulen so it also has an anti-inflammatory properties. If skin is particularly dry and dehydrated, apply Collagen Aqua Plus first, as a serum, followed by Collagen Cream in the evening.

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