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Beauty Of Nature Ampoules

Highly concentrated elixirs that pack a powerful punch of active ingredients, THE BEAUTY OF NATURE AMPOULES are based on an innovative carrier system in a base primarily made up of deeply hydrating Hyaluronic Acid. The result? A revolutionary skin care sensation.

Feeling the power of nature on your skin provides an unparalleled sensation of skin nourishment and wellbeing. Only nature itself is capable of letting the skin experience such a naturally pure, lavish skincare experience. This is the goal of the revolutionary THE BEAUTY OF NATURE AMPOULES collection: To make the effects of precious, ultra-pure ingredients visible and palpable for any skin care need in the form of a precious ampoule.

Highly effective carrier system with a Hyaluronic Acid-base

Each of the 13 ampoules provides a sophisticated combination of extremely varied, highly effective ingredients, embedded in a moisturizing base with Hyaluronic Acid as the main ingredient. This base acts as a carrier system that allows precious ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin for maximum efficacy and a visible instant and long-term effect.


The Signature Ampoule is characterized by its impressive dual action: instant turbo-lifting combined with a long-lasting depot effect that effectively counteracts the aging process. Reduces the visible effects of time and repairs light-related damage. The precious active ingredients provide added protection against Blue Light and the digital aging process associated with it.


The Hyaluronic+ Ampoule delivers optimum moisture thanks to a combination of Hyaluronic Acid in three different molecular sizes. This ensures even, lasting and deep hydration of the skin layers (dermis and epidermis) and both an instant and a long-term hydration effect. The skin’s moisture reservoir is filled to the brim, dryness wrinkles are smoothed and the skin’s volume is visibly and palpably enhanced.


The Recharging Ampoule supplies fatigued skin with new energy. It reactivates the skin’s defenses, allowing the skin to regain its ability to fend off oxidative stress. Increased cell energy also encourages collagen synthesis, which strongly benefits the skin’s volume, density and firmness. Pallid skin is refreshed and revitalized, appearing plump and radiant.


The Firming Ampoule enables the skin to withstand the effects of time. It launches natural repair mechanisms that provide the skin with the necessary resilience to combat skin aging. Facial contours are firmed and tightened, skin volume is rebuilt and cell renewal is actively promoted. A natural tightening effect for defined contours.


The Lifting Ampoule has an instant firming effect that counteracts the first signs of chronological and environmental skin aging. It relaxes the facial features, lastingly reduces wrinkles and smoothes the complexion overall. In addition, a continued deep infusion of moisture positively impacts the firmness of the connective tissue as well as skin elasticity and tone. Wrinkles are bolstered from the inside out and the appearance is smoothed.


The Radiance Ampoule restores the skin’s natural glow. Fatigued skin cells experience a powerful boost of energy, which stimulates regeneration processes in the skin. The tissue structure becomes firmer and the skin regains its radiance. Thanks to intense hydration, the moisture level becomes balanced – for an even complexion, a refined texture and a delicate glow.


The Activating Ampoule provides a boost of moisture and acts as a protective shield in one. Activating active ingredients vitalize the skin in the morning and give it strength and freshness for the day. Protected against pollution, the skin can effectively fend off everyday environmental burdens and shield cells from oxidative stress. This ampoule delivers an invigorating boost of energy that wakes up fatigued skin and gives it an optimal start into the day – with tone and elasticity.


The Regenerating Ampoule uses the nighttime hours to restore the skin for the day ahead. Regeneration and repair mechanisms are initiated at night, when the skin can regenerate and process the burdens of the previous day. In addition, the skin’s natural detoxification process is optimized. Intense, deep hydration provides morning energy and helps maintain a youthful, firm complexion.


The Repairing Ampoule calms sun-stressed skin and provides regenerating impulses. It repairs damage caused by UV radiation and environmental stress, reduces wrinkles related to sun exposure and enhances cellular function. Lasting hydration refills moisture depots while preserving elasticity and tone to counteract premature skin aging.


The Calming Ampoule helps calm the skin. It quickly soothes acute skin reactions caused by external triggers or internal stress and enhances well-being. The ampoule enhances the skin’s defenses so it can easily cope with future irritation. With the skin being deeply hydrated, irritation and redness quickly recede, the skin barrier is stabilized and it is better able to fend off new challenges.


The Purifying Ampoule helps restore balance to the skin and gives it a sensation of complete purity. Balancing the skin flora helps reduce sebum production, preventing excess sheen. It reduces blemishes and pimples and simultaneously inhibits their formation. The combination of moisture and control gives blemished skin a fresh appearance. It refines the pores and the complexion appears refreshed and clear.


The Detoxifying Ampoule lets the skin take a breath of fresh air. It initiates complex metabolic processes eliminates toxins through the skin. The intense detox effect removes toxins, clarifies the skin and refines the complexion. It also strengthens defense mechanisms in the skin to comprehensively protect the cells against stress caused by damaging environmental influences and blue light.


The Brigthening Ampoule perfects the skin’s texture for an even complexion. Hyperpigmentation fades and the skin’s natural brightness is gradually restored. The brightening effect in conjunction with effective pollution protection (against environmental stress, UV rays and blue light) helps prevent the formation of new and the worsening of existing hyperpigmentation.

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