The philosophy of Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions is based on a deep understanding as to how your skin works and what it needs to function optimally. We all know that one cannot achieve good skin by force. Dr. Spiller products aim to create the right conditions that will allow your skin to find its natural balance.

Professional skincare training is a key aspect in becoming a Dr. Spiller Skin Care Solutions’ Partner. As a Dr. Spiller Skincare Specialist, it is fundamental that you are equipped with the tools needed to address your clients’ skin care needs. Our experienced trainers will provide you and your staff with hands-on instruction and tools to help you to correctly analyze your clients’ skin and recommend the right Dr. Spiller products and treatment.

Your initial training workshop is conducted at our head office training facility for you and your staff. Any follow up training can be held at your location if you choose. Additionally, education workshops throughout the year will provide you with an interactive environment to experience the products, understand new solutions in addressing skin issues and to enable you with the tools to further expand your business with new treatment offerings.

Our training staffs are committed to assuring you are confident with your ability to use and recommend the Dr. Spiller’s products to achieve optimal skincare results.

A thorough understanding of how the products work to hydrate, protect and support the natural function of the skin will ensure your clients’ satisfaction, which is a key to the success of Dr. Spiller Skin Care Solutions.

Your goal as skin Care Specialist

  • Professional consultation will enable you to analyze your clients’ skin
  • Recommend a course of action, including professional salon treatment and  home care regime, that ensures your client’s excellent skin health

Let’s Get Started!

Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions product knowledge and treatment training are provided at no cost to all our partners. Become a professional Dr. Spiller SkinCare Specialist.  Let us help you to develop your professional talents and skills, and gives you the support you need to get trained in all aspects of Dr. Spiller products, treatments and procedures. To learn more about the Dr. Spiller product line, register here.

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