Dr. Spiller’s revolutionary patented HYTEC Emulsion® System

HYTEC™ Emulsion® System

Healthy and vibrant skin essentially requires an intact Hydrolipidic Film. This is the skin’s barrier layer, which optimally regulates the natural ecosystem and where the loss of moisture is being constantly regulated to prevent dehydration.

Dr. Spiller’s exclusive patented HYTEC™ Emulsion® System formulations prevent Transepidermal Water Loss, one of the major factors in skin aging. Its role is to recreate and recover the Hydrolipidic Film structure. As soon as it is out of balance, the HYTEC™ Emulsion® System restores and balances the skin natural functions again. It does this by precisely replicating nature’s blueprint. This patented innovation minimizes the loss of water and stabilizes moisture at a constant level. At the same time, active ingredients are delivered more effectively into the targeted areas. Biomimetic processes which mimic the natural occurrences on the skin effectively and intelligently prevent and counteract the aging process leaving the skin hydrated, balanced and with a healthy glow.

Water-based creams cannot penetrate your skin while oil-based creams are able to penetrate the skin.  Most people feel that Oil-based creams feel heavy, creating a ‘film’ and not allowing your skin to breath. However, the unique HYTEC® EMULSION formula is essentially a combination of what’s best in both; a special molecule which forms a ‘net’ over your skin. The cream feels light and fresh, enabling it to breath and at the same time penetrating your water-proof skin. All this, while providing long lasting hydration and the delivery of active-ingredients; resulting in plump, younger looking skin.

Benefits of HYTEC™ Emulsion:

  • Improve the skin’s ability to  maintain moisture levels
  • Restore the epidermal barrier allowing the skin to be more resilient
  • prevents Transepidermal Water Loss, one of the major factors in skin aging
  • Counteract inflammation as our products work with the skin rather than against it
  • HYTEC Emulsion is more effective at delivering skin friendly active ingredients
  • Our emulsions imitate natural functions of healthy skin and is more compatible to human skin than traditional emulsion

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