Silk Complex



Item No. 104707

A 24 hour luxury care cream packed with Silk Peptides, Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals to firm and revitalize the skin, giving it a younger, firmer and smoother appearance.

Lipids: 23%| Base:  Oil Base | pH: 5.5 – 6.5

Packaging:  Retail: 50 ml|Cabin: 200 ml

Skin Type: Luxury care for dry, devitalized mature skin types.

Product Description

To be used as a day and/or night cream. Apply evenly to a cleansed and toned face, neck and décolleté after application of appropriate serum morning and evening.

A luxurious day and night care cream with Silk Peptides, Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals to improve the moisture content, firm the skin and protect from dehydration.  The skin’s immune system is strengthened and protected from antioxidants.

Silk Proteins:

  • Protein derived from Cocoon of the Silk Worm
  • Protects from dehydration
  • Hydrolysates are superior active substances rich in Glycine

Vitamin A / Retinol:

  • Reduces lines within 3- 4 months
  •  Thickens epidermis an antioxidant to increases Collagen and elasticity
  • Regenerates prematurely aged skin due to sun

Vitamin E / Tocopherol:

  • Antioxidant protects the cell membranes from free radical damages and oxidation
  • Prevents irritation due to sun exposure and an anti-inflammatory
  • Improves the skin’s water-binding ability

Hyaluronic Acid:

  • Part of the skin tissue that has the highest water-binding capacity
  • There is a connection between the skin’s moisture content and the level of Hyaluronic Acid

Una De Gato:

  • The healing Liana of the Indians
  • Strengthens the immune system and the metabolism
  • Reduces the allergy potential and counteracts inflammations

Bamboo Extract:

  • Natural Flavonoids (tightening effect on veins) and free radical scavenger

Aloe Vera:

  • Anti-inflammatory, hydrating and soothing
  • Tightening, relieves redness and irritations