Relaxing Ampoules





Health & Spa 2010 Award Winner

Item No. 200501

An intense and concentrated ampoule to reduce inflammations and irritations. Intense moisturizing effect for lasting elasticity.  The highly concentrated patented GLYCAMON® compound has an anti-inflammatory effect and improves the natural protective functions of the skin.

*For External Use Only*

Lipids:Base: pH: 5.3– 6.0

Packaging:  Cabin: 2.5 ml x 10 pcs

Skin Type: All skin

Product Description

Apply contents of ampoule on face and neck. Gently pat in.

An intensely hydrating ampoule to provide lasting anti-inflammatory effect while restoring elasticity.

Glycamon® Compound: Consists of Liquorice Root, Nopal Cactus and Einkorn

  • Reduce inflammations
  • Regulate oil production
  • Soothe and improve elasticity of the skin

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10 PCS