Jojoba Peeling Cream



Item No. 101107

A gentle exfoliation for a smoother radiant complexion. Based on fine, caring spheres of Jojoba Wax, blood circulation is stimulated and dead skin cells are gently massaged off.

Lipids: 36%| Base: Water Base | pH: 4.9– 5.1

Packaging:  Retail: 200 ml| Cabin: 500 ml| Cabin: 1000 ml

Skin Type: : 

A face and body peeling cream for all skin types including the most sensitive skin conditions.


Product Description

Use once to twice a week. Apply to a cleansed face, neck and décolleté, massage for 2 minutes with circular movements, using the fingertips. Remove by rinsing thoroughly with warm water. Follow with appropriate toner.

A gentle yet effective exfoliator to remove excess oils and dead skin cells to clarify and refine the complexion allowing better penetration of care products.  The skin will be left smoother, polished and radiant.


  • Used in exfoliating products
  • Natural scrub beads in scrub gels and soaps


  • A Desert Shrub
  • Jojoba Oil is gained from its Bean like Seeds, reduces Trans Epidermal Water Loss
  • Gives suppleness and softness
  • Penetrates rapidly


  • Original compound of Acids and Alcohol, transports active substances
  • Emollient and emulsifying