Hydro-Marin® Elixir



Item No. 100706

Highly concentrated, long-lasting serum that provides a deep working action with exquisite extracts of Freshwater Pearl, Seaweed and Brown Algae to stimulate collagen production and efficiently repair and restructure stressed skin.

Lipids: 10%| Base: Water Base | pH: 6.4 – 6.8

Packaging: Retail: 30 ml | Cabin: 100 ml

Skin Type: For demanding and mature skin.


Product Description

To be used as a day and/or night cream. Apply evenly to a cleansed and toned face, neck and décolleté after application of appropriate serum morning and evening.

  • Increases resilience and moisture
  • Antioxidant, strengthens the skins immune system

Fresh Water Pearl Extract:

High content of Proteins, Poly Saccharides, Essential Amino Acids
Pearls are “Bio Minerals”
Stimulates Collagen synthesis and new cell growth
Hydrating and repairing effect, improves elasticity and smoothness

Gorgonien Extract:

  • Marine Extract, gained from Soft Corals
  • Anti-Inflammatory, reduces swelling and counteracts irritations


  • Rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and alginates
  • Strengthens and stimulates the skin
  • Re-mineralizing, antiseptic, cleansing, vitalizing

Brown Algae Extract:

  • Rich in Minerals, Trace Elements, Vitamins and Amino Acids
  • Very hydrating, regenerating and revitalizing
  • Strengthens the immune system, protecting

Hyaluronic Acid:

  • A natural protein in the dermis, part of the skin tissue
  • Has the highest water-binding capacity