Gentle Selective Cleanser

Luxury Anti – Aging Skin Care Line

Health & Spa 2011 Award Winner

Item No. 114012

A luxuriously creamy emulsion cleanser to gently removes impurities and make-up without over-drying, leaving the skin with a beautiful glow. The smooth texture thoroughly cleanses and balances.

Lipids: 18% | Base:  Water Base| pH:  5.6-6.8

Packaging: Retail: 200 ml|Cabin: 500 ml

Skin Type: Mature and prematurely aging skin

Product Description

Apply morning and eventing on the face, neck and décolleté, massage and leave on few minutes, remove with lukewarm water and then tone with Delicate Refreshener.

A velvety emulsion that removes impurities leaving the skin soft and with a glow. Texture of the skin’s surface will look firmer and smoother.


The exquisite foundation of this unique CELLEBRATION® COMPOUND: valuable active substances gained from Caviar, Champagne and Diamonds which dispense amino acids and nutritional substances; strengthen the natural protective system; for a flawless, smooth complexion.

Rich Caviar: 

  • Provides valuable amino acids and nutrients
  • Tones and energizes the skin
  • Regenerates the skin
  • Repairs and revitalizes

Sparkling Champagne: 

  • Empowers important protecting factors to bubble deep into the skin
  • Tones and energizes the skin
  • Protects the natural ecosystem
  • Minimizes redness and irritations

Precious Diamond: 

  • Supports an overall flawless appearance
  • Activates the microcirculation
  • Evens out the skin tone
  • Improves the skin’s aura

Hyaluronic Acid:

  • Skin’s natural component
  • Increases water binding capacity, for firmer and smoother skin
  • Regulates normal mechanisms of the skin (tone and elasticity)
  • Skin’s surface looks tighter and smoother

Inca Inchi Oil:

  • Comes from the Peruvian nut oil
  • Rich in Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids
  • Improves the barrier function of the skin
  • protects the cell membrane and rehydrates

Macadamia Nut Oil:

  • Fast absorbing oil leaving skin soft and smooth
  • Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, promotes suppleness
  • Protects the skin from dehydration and promotes a soft texture