Cooling Aloe Vera Gel





Health & Spa 2010 Award Winner

Item No. 107111

Intensive moisturizing and immediate cooling effect. Natural Aloe Vera and the patented GLYCAMON® compound energizes the skin. A soothing solution to painful irritation whether from shaving, dry air or sun exposure.

Lipids:Base: Water Base | pH: 5.8– 6.4

Packaging:  Retail: 150 ml| Cabin: 500 ml

Skin Type: All skin type

Product Description

Apply in the morning and evening to face and neck after cleansing.  If necessary, follow with moisturizer.

A refreshing and invigorating gel to soothe irritations, redness and calm sensitive skin.

Glycamon® Compound: Consists of Liquorice Root, Nopal Cactus and Einkorn

  • Reduce inflammations
  • Regulate oil production
  • Soothe and improve elasticity of the skin

Aloe Vera: 

  • Contains proteins, enzymes, vitamins and minerals to cool, calm and tighten the skin

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150 ml, 500 ml