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A cover stick for all skin types to mask all kind of skin impurities and redness.

Color: Light (Item No: 118419) | Medium (Item No: 118519) | Dark (Item No: 118619)

Packaging: Retail: 2g

Skin Type:  Available in 3 different colour shades to cover impurities:They absorb excessive sebum and have a Mattifying effect. On oily parts of the skin they form a good basis for a long-lasting make-up. The formulation consists of micro-fine spherical balls. They guarantee an even application and scatter light which leads to an optically balanced appearance of the complexion.

Product Description

Apply the cover stick on the spot and spread it with fingertips. Before applying it on a larger part of the skin apply it on the back of hand first because the temperature of the skin increases the suppleness and facilitates the distribution.

  • For covering impurities with or without make-up
  • The high coverage effect let the skin appear more even
  • The spherical balls have a balancing optical effect

Castor Oil:

  • Barrier oil to protect from external factors
  • Hydrating

Bee’s Wax:

  • Forms a protecting moisture-binding film on the skin

Plant Starch:

  • Absorbs excess skin oils
  • Mattifying – reduces shine on skin