Calming After Shave Balm





Health & Spa 2010 Award Winner

Item No. 101807

A soothing after shave balm to treat minor skin irritations such as razor burn.

Lipids: 15%| Base: Water Base | pH: 5.5– 6.5

Packaging:  Retail: 50 ml| Cabin: 200 ml

Skin Type: All skin type

Product Description

Apply to face after shaving.

An immediately calming and regenerative balm to instantly soothe irritations after shaving.

Natural regenerative substances in the patented GLYCAMON® compound, Devil’s Claw and Panthenol have an immediate calming and soothing effect. Unpleasant redness and small nicks and cuts are gently and naturally soothed. The light consistency of the balm calms and freshens at the same time.

Glycamon® Compound: Consists of Liquorice Root, Nopal Cactus and Einkorn

  • Reduce inflammations
  • Regulate oil production
  • Soothe and improve elasticity of the skin

Devil’s Claw:

  • South African plant to soothe irritations and calm sensitivities

Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5):

  • Improves skin’s moisture retention
  • Speeds up wound-healing process
  • Soothes irritations

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200 ml, 50 ml