Aloe Vera Gel



Item No. 113012

A universally soothing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory gel with a high content of Aloe Vera to calm irritated skin. Has a cooling and tightening effect to reduce the appearance of lines while providing protection after overexposure to the sun.

Lipids: 0%| Base: Water Base | pH: 6.0 – 6.2

Packaging:  Retail: 200 ml|Cabin: 500 ml | Cabin: 1000 ml

Skin Type: Universal moisturizer for all skin types.

Product Description

Use morning and evening. Apply evenly on a cleansed and toned face, neck and décolleté. Massage in to skin until fully absorbed.  Can be used alone or followed by an appropriate day or night cream, depending on skin type.

  • Multi-purpose moisturizer
  • Wrinkle reducing
  • Soothing, cooling
  • Ideal for before and after sun exposure
  • Tightening and regenerating
  • Reduces redness and irritations
  • Refreshing and revitalizing

Aloe Vera:

  • Anti-inflammatory; soothes, cools
  • Relieves redness, itching and irritations
  • Hydrating and refreshing
  • Softening
  • Tightening
  • Derived from the Sap of the Aloe Leaf
  • Used as gel or in diluted form as Aloe Vera Juice