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All SENSICURA treatments aim to strengthen the skin and restore its ability to protect against irritations. The skin is calmed and recovered. Step by step, and with a lasting effect, its smoothness is restored. Depending on the treatment, fine lines are also smoothed and elasticity is promoted.


 With the special SENSICURA treatments, sensitive skin is given the highest level of attention. By minimizing irritability and restoring the protective functions in a targeted way, a completely relaxed, smooth and soft complexion appears. Each treatment leaves behind the pleasant feeling of having been restored in every way.

Hypersensitive skin reacts differently with each person.  For sensitive skin and skin with damaged lipid barrier, external influences and internal factors can cause the skin to respond with varied reactions.  For some, the response is red, inflamed skin and for others it can be a combination of this and dry, itchy and skin with burning sensations with application of skin cares products.

The purpose of SENSICURA treatments is to:

  • Improve and rebuild the skin’s lipid barrier
  • Stabilize and calm agitated skin
  • Reduce redness, itchiness and flaking skin
  • Provide intensive hydration and protection

Because sensitive skin is easily stressed, SENSICURA treatments with concentrated and therapeutic active ingredients are designed to work with the skin to calm and protect the skin and reduce the frequency of acute and chronic unpleasant reactions.  The skin is strengthened with Panthenol, Vitamin F and Vitamin E.  Hydration is restored with Hyaluronic Acid and lipid barrier is protected and supported with Squalene.

SENSICURA treatments are designed for skin that is delicate, sensitive, easily agitated and thin with broken blood vessels.  These specialty treatments aim to provide the skin with caring, nourishing and regenerative ingredients to promote healing and lasting hydration.


  • Reduces irritations and calms
  • Reduces stress on the skin
  • Provides intensive hydration


  • Reduces irritations and calms
  • Provides extra attention to the sensitive eye area
  • Provides intensive hydration


  • A recovery treatment for aging and sensitive skin
  • Rejuvenating and regenerative
  • Tightened and silky smooth skin

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