ALPENRAUSCH Professional Treatments

The regenerative care system for sensitive skin

Certified Organic Face and Body Treatments

Cosmos Green

Each individual ALPENRAUSCH treatment entails sophisticated skin care products with exceptional components. By creating a customized facial or body treatment service, the energizing and restorative ingredients provide the relief from dehydration, irritations and leave a feeling of lasting tranquillity.


There are facials for all skin types as well as body treatments available. They can be offered separately or in packages. ALPENRAUSCH treatments begin with a 15-minute back massage followed by a facial treatment, resulting in deep relaxation and vitality. With this, Dr. Spiller offers an experience that brings mind and body into harmony

Young and Normal Skin Facial Treatment

Treatment offering refreshment with wholesome and hydrating care with a sequence of gentle cleansing, toning and exfoliation to invigorate and leave the skin energized with long-term benefits.

Oily, Congested and Acneic Facial Treatment

Stabilizes the pH and balances secretions to bring the functions of the skin back into harmony. The treatment is concluded with the application of a mattifying 24-hour formula suitable for combination and acneic skin.

Dry and Sensitive Skin Facial Treatment

Beneficial regenerating properties of Arnica, Edelweiss and other effective Alpine ingredients provide the skin with lasting protection with noticeable supply of moisture and targets to refine the structure of the skin.

Dry and Aging Skin Treatment

This treatment supports the skin’s owns protective system, promoting lasting hydration and measurable improvement in skin structure. Ingredients in this highly effective 24-hour concentrate improve hydration.

Exclusive Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

A very effective facial with valuable alpine actives nurture the skin and protect it from oxidation counteracting the premature aging process.

Oncology “Restorative and Supporting Service”

 Medical treatment for cancer usually involves surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy resulting in discoloration, bruising, infection, itchiness dryness, peeling or even acne rashes. Dehydration is on the most common and critical skin problems for those with cancer.  A renowned selection of barrier creams with soothing and restoring ingredients from the Alps provide the skin with nourishing ingredients.  When combined with two other essential ingredients: compassion and touch results in a “real miracle treatment”.

Pampering Pregnancy Treatment

With hormonal changes during pregnancy, the skin may develop variety of concerns from dryness to acne breakouts.  Alpenrausch products and treatments will provide the skin with necessary protection and hydration leaving the skin refreshed and soothed.

Intensive Body Treatment

A treatment with concentrated Alpine classic ingredients for a full body exfoliation that remove dirt and dead skin cells. An energizing and invigorating skin strengthening body mask brings the senses back into balance.

Body Exfoliation Treatment

A soothing combination of ingredients with moisturizing components bring even sensitive skin back into a stable condition removing dead skin cells and allowing the penetration of hydrating cream.

Body Treatment For Pregnant Women

A pampering body exfoliation treatment for expectant mothers to soothe and moisturize the skin for an ultimate relaxation.

Ultimate Foot Treatment

Foot softening and conditioning treatment is designed especially to preserve and maintain the beauty and well being of tired feet. Dry and calloused heals will be softened with lasting protection.

Ultimate Hand Treatment

Softening and conditioning treatment for the hands with or without polish application. This treatment is designed to preserve and maintain the beauty of the hands. Dry and chapped hands will be softened and hydrated with lasting protection.

Massage Treatment

Total body massage with Relaxing Skin Oil provides beneficial and lasting results to tired muscles.

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