Hand & Foot Care



Deep conditioning and hydrating creams specifically designed to protect and care for hands and feet.Dry, irritated hands and feet are calmed and soothed leaving the skin with a long-lasting feeling of hydration and suppleness.

St. John’s Wort Foot Care Cream: (care for dry, chapped skin)

Refreshing care for tired feet to heal rough, dry skin and protect against odour causing bacteria.

Aloe Vera Hand Cream:

Nourishing hand cream with Aloe Vera keeps hands soft and supple, without leaving a greasy residue.

Manaru Hand Cream: (all skin types)

Fast-absorbing, hydrating hand cream with White Orchid to stimulate cellular regeneration and metabolism while improving the skin’s resilience.

Gaoxing Hand Cream: (all skin types)

Intensive hand and nail care to strengthen soothe and prevent chapped and irritated skin. Quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy residue for soft smooth hands

Alpenrausch (Organic) Soothing Hand Cream:

Immediate relief of dry and chapped hands with formulations containing Wild Mallow, Alpine Skullcap and pure Linseed Oil.

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Soothing Hand Cream

Body Care Products, Hand & Foot, Organic

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St. John’s Wort Foot Care Cream

Hand & Foot

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Aloe Vera Hand Cream

Hand & Foot

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Gaoxing Hand Cream

Gaoxing Body Care, Hand & Foot

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Manaru Hand Cream

Hand & Foot, Manaru Body Care

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Body Care, Hand & Foot, Sensicura

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