Gaoxing Body Care



Sensuous ingredients from the Mediterranean provide nourishing and regenerating properties to care for your skin.

 Gaoxing Hand Cream (all skin types)

Intensive hand and nail care to strengthen soothe and prevent chapped and irritated skin. Quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy residue for soft smooth hands.

 Gaoxing Body Cream (all skin types)

Lightweight and fast-absorbing body care with Lychee Extract to hydrate, protect and revitalize the skin. With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that is ideal for sensitive or irritated skin.

 Gaoxing Shower Foam (all skin types)

Exotic moisturizing shower foam formulated with Lychee Extract, Jasmine and Perilla Oil with calming, regenerating and antioxidant properties.  Skin is gently cleansed as the fresh scent revitalizes body and mind.

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Gaoxing Body Cream

Gaoxing Body Care

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Gaoxing Hand Cream

Gaoxing Body Care, Hand & Foot

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Gaoxing Shower Foam

Gaoxing Body Care

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