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 Dr. Spiller Day Creams are designed to deliver powerful bioactive ingredients that mimic the skin function.   The skin will be moisturized, balanced and signs of aging such as fine lines will be reduced.

Dr. Spiller moisturizers featuring HYTEC® emulsion system are particularly effective at maintaining the skin`s moisture balance. Adequate hydration is the key to healthy, younger looking skin. The extensive range of care creams allows targeting all skin types and conditions.

Hydro Colour Tinting Cream – Dark and Light (all skin types)

A light and gentle day cream with powder free Colour Pigments to give your complexion a natural tint for an attractive, fresh and even appearance.

Eye Make-Up Remover (all skin types)

Mild skin friendly oil composition with Panthenol to remove eye make-up, including waterproof, without causing irritations.

Color Artist Cover Stick:

A cover stick for all skin types to mask all kind of skin impurities and redness. These precious little helpers ensure an even complexion. They absorb excessive sebum and have a mattifying effect. On oily parts of the skin they form a good basis for a long-lasting make-up. The formulation consists of micro-fine spherical balls. They guarantee an even application and scatter light which leads to an optically balanced appearance of the complexion.

3 different colour shades to cover impurities :

10- light, 20-medium, 30-dark

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Color Artist Cover Stick

Biomimetic, Make Up

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Eye Make-Up Remover

Biomimetic, Make Up

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Hydro Colour Tinting Cream

Biomimetic, Make Up

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