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About Us

Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions is a professional skin care line that has been specifically designed to promote naturally healthy and resilient skin.  Handcrafted since 1959, Dr. Spiller’s laboratory nestled in the Bavarian Alps, strictly uses controlled plants, plant extracts, natural oils and essences from all over the world, to formulate skincare products that complement the skin’s own system.  The brand is highly regarded in the industry with over 50 years of history in research and development of cutting-edge professional skin care products and treatments that are recognized for innovation and quality.

Today Dr. Spiller offers five complete product lines and a wide range of products to effectively treat every skin type and condition. Dr. Spiller product lines are based on the scientific understanding that the skin, the largest organ, requires an environment that is balancing and supportive with effective and proven active ingredients derived from nature.

Our Concept

Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions’ concept is simple: to hydrate, protect and support the natural function of the skin by providing ingredients that are Biomimetic.  This means that the products are designed to mimic the natural processes occurring on the surface of the skin, not fight against the skin. Dr Spiller combines the best natural ingredients with the patented HYTEC™ emulsion system to produce gentle, yet effective result.

The Dr. Spiller Difference    Hytec logo

Dr. Spiller’s difference is the unique emulsion created to allow the skin to breathe while simultaneously ensuring the penetration of key active ingredients to protect the skin. Dr. Spiller’s exclusive patented “HYTEC® Emulsion System” water in oil formulation prevents trans-epidermal water loss, one of the major factors in skin aging. This Biomimetic emulsion system mimics the skin’s own systems to protect and regenerate itself while assisting the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. It is highly effective while minimizing the potential for allergic reactions or skin irritation. Dr. Spiller products are biological, hypoallergenic and particularly suitable for allergy-prone and sensitive skin.

Our Products

Our professional skin care products with highest quality of active ingredients are developed using the latest in scientific research. These products produce highly effective results while also minimizing the potential for allergic reactions or skin irritation due to the careful selection of precious active ingredients. Our product systematically meet the needs of all skin types and problems, including young, demanding, aging skin to acne and hyper-pigmented skin.  Our product range offers everything necessary for the very best care of your skin. Everything from essential products such as cleansers and creams, to products for the sensitive eye area and care products to treat specific skin problems are available for use by a professional skin care therapist in the spa, as well as for home skin care routine.

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